Ghosted by after job interview-how to proceed?

I work for government so this might be relevant compared to private industry.

I interviewed for an internal position 5 weeks ago. Had to go through technical tests and the whole gig. A couple of my coworkers also interviewed as well. It was quite an involved technical examination. We were all told by the hiring manager we’d know within a week whether or not we got the position from HR.

Well it’s been 5 weeks and they’ve announced who the successful candidate is, but we haven’t heard a peep from HR. We’re entitled to interview feedback if we so want it as well as the scores from the technical examination.

I’ve talked to a few of my former managers and they said they’re probably trying to drag it out as long as possible because the successful candidate had massive seniority over the rest of us (legitimately they just had to show up to the interview and pass the technical test, that’s all they had to do in order to secure the job).

I’m not salty about not getting the position, it is what it is. I knew going in that those having seniority would always have a major advantage. But I’d like to get the feedback I’m entitled to for future practice, which I cannot receive until I’m declared unsuccessful and receive a rejection letter. I’ve never been ghosted like this before! I have been unsuccessful before and normally they’re quite prompt with the feedback and rejection letters.

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