I’m getting fired. How do I prepare for it?

So as the title says, I’m likely getting fired. I was on an international assignment and failed to perform to the expected level: constant mistakes, errors, and dropping the ball. My temporary supervisor told me that she will be giving feedback to my hiring manager on how I “can’t perform even simple tasks” and she wanted to “discuss my future at the company” as well as giving senior level leaders feedback on me. In short, I’m expecting to be fired.

This is my first full-time job so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to prepare for the firing and how I can move forward from here. I don’t have much prior experience and I’m really nervous about my career future. So any advice on how to handle it both emotionally and also from a career perspective?

ETA: for some further context, this is my second rotation in a graduate rotation program so that’s why I was international right after college. The tasks were mainly conference planning/management and content creation. The main mistakes were during the conference planning/running. Some examples: not finding a spot for 1:1s meaning they had to happen at breakfast, incorrectly formatting some of the slides, and overbooking one of the restaurants so we had to pay additional deposit fees.

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