What’s the best way to resign from a job that is trying to guilt trip you into staying?

I’ve received a job offer that’s 40% higher than the base salary I’m receiving at my current workplace. When I (28F) told my boss (60F I guess?) that I received the job offer and was going to take it, she expressed her disappointment and surprise. The surprise I understand, as I didn’t expect to receive another job offer so soon either – for context, I’ve only been in my current job for 3 months or so. My job offer is coming from a company that reached out to me, possibly based on my previous applications from the time I was exploring jobs that led me to my current one.

However I’m a little taken aback by the disappointment. Firstly,I thought I was suboptimal at the job based on the feedback on my work, so I figured they were thinking of letting me go anyway (I am still illl on probation). Secondly, I’ve only been at this job for 3 months. For context, the probation period is 6 months, so I figured they would be happy that at least their losses are cut because I was able to gauge that I’m not the right fit for this job in half the time, compared to other employees on probation.

Anyway, my boss told me to take the weekend to rethink my decision, so in the end I didn’t even get to put in my resignation notice. All things considered I think I will want to take up the new job offer., as it fits my life better.

However, I’m worried about how to break the news to my boss and colleagues. I don’t want to burn bridges, but from my 2 hour long conversation with my boss, I have a feeling that she’ll be disappointed and unhappy that I am leaving/ I don’t see a way to end things amicably. I do feel bad for leaving so soon, but surely I’m entitled to decide what’s best for me/ should not be guilt tripped into staying? My present company has many wonderful opportunities but that professional growth is coming at the expense of my personal life and that just doesn’t fit into what I want in life anymore. Anyone have any thoughts about how to best handle handing in your resignation letter without drama?

TL;DR: I want to quit my current job as I received a great job offer, but my boss says she’s disappointed I’m leaving after they put so much effort into training me (3 months). How should o best put in my resignation letter?

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