Where can I go from here?


I graduated in 2017 bachelor degree in film and TV production. Which is an arts degree. I worked a few years as a video editor but I couldn’t get a mortgage due to the fluctuation in earnings.

In 2022 I got a job as a barista in Starbucks. In 3 months I was promoted to super. After a other 3 months I was promoted to manager.

I like the job but Starbucks isn’t great in the long run. I knows it’s underpaid with high expectations and large turnover. No one wants to be the next super or assistant manager due to the pressures. I don’t see myself in this role longer than 3 years.

I’m looking at my future now that I have my house and car.

I’m 37 and I’m thinking how I can use my degrees and experience as a manager to advance my career.

I’m looking at options on where I can go next. What do you think I could do with my experience? I was thinking masters, but in what. I don’t want to go back to video editing or film production as its quite limited my country and location.

I do like computers but I dislike coding, I tired this and didn’t have the patience for it.

I’m really stumped and no one I know has any advice they can give me.

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