Which industry to look for as in house lawyer?


Hello, I’m 28M and I’m working in a small law firm and everything is fine in regard to work culture, relationships,etc, but the salary is quite low. Generally I was always looking into moving to big company as an in house lawyer at about this stage of my career.

My specialization is mostly connected with commercial and civil law, mainly providing complex legal advice to companies in IT industry.

I am now wondering what to look for when seeking for employer. I saw that many great legal counsel move to big firm at about my age and they develop within one company by moving higher in the hierarchy so I think that choosing right company is very important to avoid need to change and starting over almost from the scratch.

Therefore, my question is about suggestions what to look for in potential employers. I want to work within IT industry as I suppose it has a great future, but there are a lot of different subsections (gamedev, IT services outsourcing , Cybersecurity, etc.). Are there generally better or worse subsections or all are equally important and I should chose only by comparing each company regardless of such subsection.

For now I set on the following criteria:
1) number of employees (over 2500 is acceptable, but big companies has over 10000 employees worldwide)
2) no cooperation or restricted with external legal firms (in such situations you would only work on small, easy cases)
3) net income of company (the higher the better, big companies has over 1bn income, minimum of 300-500 mil euro / usd)
4) at least standard benefits (sport card, medical services)
5) if possible -multinational environment to improve language skills.

Can you help me with choosing , changing or adding additional criteria?


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