Which major for f1?

hello! i’m a 17 year old female who’s about to start a foundation year in budapest before moving on to study computer science engineering in john von neumann university (which has a formula student team!!). i’m fortunate enough to have a foundation year where i could really make my mind up on whether i’d rather study computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, or maybe even aerospace engineering, but i’m the first in my family to take the engineering route and i have no one to take reliable advice from. i would LOVE to work in f1. as far as i’ve read i’ve understood it takes a lot of experience and determination and you really have to stand out to get a job in f1, which is within itself rather hard, but i face my problems one by one and my first obstacle is which degree is a better start. personally i’m a little wary of taking a mechanical engineering degree as i’m afraid if i don’t land a job in f1 i’d end up as a mechanic, which isn’t the best job to have as a girl, and isn’t really UP THERE with the other jobs when it comes to working in other countries, and with aerospace engineering i don’t have a strong basis in math due to a horrendous teacher ruining my basics from 7th-9th grade, but i am a quick learner and i believe if im given enough time i will catch on rather quick, but i don’t know if majoring in aerospace does provide the time for me to take it slowly. for computer science engineering, it’s a broad and common major, which doesn’t really make me stand out and rather feels like taking a “safe route” more than anything, but that’s all based on my limited information as a 17 year old, and that’s why i’d appreciate all the help and advice i can get and hopefully will pursue my dream and land a job in f1.

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