Flunked my interview as a shopkeeper at a coffee shop I really like, any advice?

I (24F) applied for a part time to be a shopkeeper at this coffee shop I regularly go to because I want to make money on the side while figuring out my long career move. At the end of the interview process, one of the three interviewers didn’t think I would be a good fit for the shop. She said that she likes my vibrant personality but she doesn’t see I have a genuine interest in stationery (they also sell stationery there). She also thinks I only talk about the fun part of the job – like how I want to work there because I like the aesthetic of the space, I like the people working there, and I can see myself being here working everyday. She doesn’t think I mention enough about having job objectives and wanting to learn soft skills.
She said verbatim “I think you would have more fun being a customer than working here. We were looking more for someone who really likes stationary because it requires a lot of detail oriented work like putting price tag sticker on notebooks. There will be also a lot of tedious work like excel and checking on the orders of the products with shippers..”

I feel like I miss the point of the interview :/ I’m having a hard time accepting the rejection because I really like to work there, I need to make some money on the side so that I can study and figure out my life. Any advice what I could do better next time, what I could prepare more and what do I not see?

I don’t think I expressed myself effectively … any advice would be much appreciated

Edit: I edited my post because I wrote “stationary” rather than “stationery”

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