Is this hiring behavior normal?

I’ve been interviewing with a company for 4 months now. It has been 7 interviews plus 2 written tests. They did end up picking me and asked me to fill out 4 references using a SkillSurvey. I added 6 and 6 responded. They sent me a conditional offer lending background check and reference check. They are now saying they need to talk with my current manager and they have the right to revoke the offer if they don’t like what they say. They also now want to call 4/6 references who already wrote me references because nobody wrote anything negative about me in the areas to improve…they’re references who are trying to say positive things. These are people who work high up in research and the survey was sent directly to their work email. All of this seems incredibly insane, why would I want them to contact my current manager if they can rescind the offer and I could also lose my current job? Plus why on earth would they now want to call (she said 10-15 min phone call) to talk about what they wrote on their references.

This is for a prestigious company but this is insane right? Like why on earth would I want to burden my references anymore since they already completed references for me.


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