Those who used to work in construction/trades but now do something else, what do you do?

I’m 32. Been working in the trades for 8 years and I’m feeling burnt out. I can’t see myself doing this until I retire. I’m just starting to feel the toll on my body, can’t imagine what it’ll be like years down the road if I stay in this line of work. The money isn’t great, and although there are things I could do to specialize and make good money I’ve just lost the motivation to pursue it.

Maybe part of the reason I feel this way is because I see what some of my friends and family my age are doing. They have degrees, office type jobs, make 3x more than me, have more flexible schedules, better benefits, and aren’t destroying their bodies. Recently I look back at my early 20’s and feel like I massively screwed up by not finishing school and focusing on a career path. I’m open to going back to school, but I’m not particularly tech savvy and don’t really have any skills relevant outside of construction so I’m not even sure what I would go for.

So those of you who were in construction but got out and do something else, what do you do now?

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