What do I do if my contract deadline is approaching and the owner isn’t getting back to me with my questions? advice needed!

I’m about to sign a contract with a foot & orthotics company. In their contract they state that you need to show up no less than 10 mins before the store opens and leave no sooner than 10 mins after the store closes. So if my shift is 12-6, i am spending an extra 20 mins in total, but there’s no mention of compensation during those times. Since I’m being paid on an hourly basis, I know this can add up to many hours of unpaid labour. I emailed the owner asking for a clarification and she has not responded. She has given me a deadline to sign the contract by the 5pm today and I’m worried about 1. not getting paid for those extra 20 mins each shift and 2. getting my offer retracted if I do not get a reply from her on time. Any advice on how to go about this? I’m not sure what to do if those extra 20 mins are actually unpaid. Thanks in advance!!

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