WLB or Money?

Would you rather have a job with an ideal work-life balance or a job with a higher salary?

I’m struggling to decide if I should stay in a field where my work-life balance is decent and I earn a good salary, or if I should be in a job where I get to WFH, mostly go at my own pace, but make ~1/2 my field-related salary.

I really appreciate the ability to work from home, not worrying about commuting to work, prepping lunch or clothes to go to the gym, and less stress.

However, the money for this remote job earns me much less than that of a job in my field of education study & credentials. These 2 factors are in my mind frequently because I feel like I’ve wasted my degree and could be contributing more to my household. My fiancé and I want to eventually get a home, upgrade his car, pay of loans, go on nice vacations, etc.

The higher-salary, decent work-life balance job would be a standard work week in a healthcare setting. I would earn about the same as my partner and know that would take some financial stress off his mind. I would also feel better about this and my ability to contribute.

We aren’t struggling by any means, but I don’t want him to feel the bulk of our financial burden.


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