Am I stuck, or am I handling things wrong?

So, I am a 31 year old male, in the inventory business. Been doing it for 9 years, and I do love this job. Recently, I took a promotion that relocated me and my family 6 hours from our home, to a large city…as an Area Manager, since then I have turned two major accounts around that better profit this region, and happen to be a large part of this areas profit. However, since my promotion in December…I had learned that the other area manager in this area at the time, which had no experience in this business at all, was making close to around 9 grand a year more than me. Now, he did have management experience for Amazon, however he couldn’t take the work load, and ended up walking in the middle of one the largest accounts for the entire company. I have asked for my bosses boss, and my boss… To revisit my salary, because I think I’m not getting a fair salary for the amount of work that I put in. It’s been 9 months, and my family and I are still in a hotel the company pays for, and a rental that the company also pays for. However, my daughter is 4, will turn 5 later this year, and this has become a nuecance more than a blessing. Her mother stays home with her because honestly, we don’t trust anyone and daycare is so expensive. Now, people under me… Are hourly, but they pay more in this area of the country for this type of work more than any other area in the country…and even with the so called perks, that the company provides. I still can’t get ahead to save money for A. Our own vehicle, and B. A nice, safe, cozy place to live, within a comfortable/reasonable price with me being the only one working. Am I wrong to think that this is unfair, and that my bosses who have agreed several times I deserve a raise, won’t give me one based off of being late to one event, after working continuous day and night to be they’re for the team they have put me over? How should I go about asking for a raise? I feel like I’m beginning to only have 1 way out, and I don’t want to lose this job, because I enjoy it. But when I shouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck, and I can’t even get a soda because I have not a dime, how do you go about being the manager and the people beneath you are offering to pay for stuff for you. It’s embarrassing.

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