How to prep for leaving current job and taking a short career break?

Been at my current job for 2 years. It pays well and I really enjoy the work; however, business is slowing down and a lot of people have either voluntarily left or been let go. Now I am considering leaving, tentatively planning to give notice in early November after closing out some projects.

Previous to 2 years at this company, it was 2 years at another job, 2 years of grad school, and then 4 years of undergrad before that. I’d like to take a career break (3-6 months) for travel/hiking before starting a new job. Also recently got engaged, so wedding expenses are coming up. I have a lot of liquid savings and no debt. Late 20s.

I work 100% remotely in the business development space. What can I do now to help me hit the ground running when I’m back in the job market? I know unemployed new hires are usually less desirable and less attractive than employed ones. Right now, I don’t anticipate wanting to come back to my current company.

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