How to tailor resume from educator to office worker?

Hey everyone!


Current Behavior Interventionist having trouble transferring to entry-level office position needs advice. Was told by staffing agency that my background in education will make it difficult to find these entry-level positions and that was discouraging so I feel lost.


Current educator here, I was never a lead teacher but have worked as a Special Education Teaching Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Co-Teacher, and now Behavior Interventionist.

I want to transfer to office positions since my current position as a BI will not be able to give me much hours for the week. I have been applying to Admin Assistant positions and Receptionists but have been having a hard time getting calls back.


I know I am good at communicating and even convincing students to stay focused and sometimes calming students down. I actually really like talking to people, which is why I really like working as a tutor and class assistant instead of a lead teacher (felt more like babysitting).

Does anyone have any tips to improve how I look for potential employers? I have not tried staffing agencies much since I was LA. (I was with Ultimate Staffing and told them I was looking for an entry-level position like Office Assistant or Receptionist and all they said was it’s going to be difficult with my background in education and only gave me one potential lead).

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