Should I return to this company after an extremely unprofessional incident on their part, over a year ago?

In June of last year i applied to work for a company that i had been striving to get in the door with for a few years. This is the kind of place i could work at til retirement. While i might transfer properties, i would stick with this company and advance over years. it is a very specific industry and this company is one of if not the largest in that industry, which is why im declining to name my work, but I have more than sufficient experience to work here.

I was Hired. I spent over a week submitting info for my onboarding process. A background check, submitted truthfully and accurately. I had phone conversations with the hiring manager. I went down and got my company ID Badge and Uniform. I specifically asked this same Hiring Manager (HM) if i was on the schedule so i can put in my resignation with my current company. He says do it it’s done you’re hired. **Most Egregiously: i literally work a full 8 hour shift for them, doing exactly what my job entails deftly.

On my second day, before clocking in i am told not to, and instead instructed to go to the office. The results of my background check, only now being consulted, reveal that i don’t meet their qualifications and am hereby terminated immediately. I have a non-felonious criminal background relevant to this occurrence; however I have worked in this same business with 4 other companies, and I submitted all this information along with my background check Nothing Withheld, as i expected it to be a non-issue.

This was devastating for my career as i had very solidly left my former job and was now jobless in 2022. Having simply not hired me wouldn’t have affected me like this. i would never quit without another job lined up. Now, after an extremely difficult year i am at another company making half what i would be and have just this month finalized sealing my criminal record. I made enough of an impression in my extremely brief time with the company Of Topic that i can now return: Branded. The Hiring Manager (who is also the one who fired me) is still there, and i should mention that he fired me in what i considered to be a very cowardly way, which i articulated. he certainly knows that i am not fond of him, but that will not affect my return. ive been asked to come back. So with this information my closing questions:

Do I do it? I am ambivalent about the integrity of these people. Tbh i probably will. Money is money. What sort of attitude should i have? I will no doubt have a chip on my shoulder. Im considering jbeing quite demanding with my schedule but i dont want to push it. Could i invoke what happened last year to my advantage somehow?

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