Burnt out from a boring but easy job, do I risk a change?

I work in an office in my hometown, 20 minute walk away from where I live, the work is easy, the people are very nice and we all get along well, the overall workplace is quite laid back.
I was loving it until about 3 months ago when I got put on filing because no one else is capable of doing it.
This means I’m not in the office, moving files around all day, only seeing coworkers at lunch.
Don’t get me wrong it is such an easy task, just very time consuming for one person and so so mind numbingly boring.
When I get a chance to do anything relatively more busy I jump at it just so get a bit of blood rushing again.
So here is my issue.
I got a job interview for a place about 40 mins travel away, 2 buses. Slightly better pay. 3 days in office 2 days from home.
I just want to feel busy and have that bright spark of feeling like you’re working your way somewhere again.
Only worried I’ll switch and absolutely hate it. Because while this place is boring me to tears, the general environment is great.
Would I be stupid to switch jobs?

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