Can anyone recommend a career path for me?

35/f living in a major city in the US. I’m an ENFP and a bit of an idealist, although the last few years have made me become much more cynical about work in general.

I’m currently living off of an inheritance and I’m fortunate enough to have the bills paid for a while. However I’m bored without a full time job and I’d like to start a job search soon, most likely in early 2024.

I’m looking for a job/career that involves some type of interaction with people as I need more stimulation than just filling out excel spreadsheets all day. I have an undergraduate degree in communications but no interest in graduate school at this time.

I have done a tech bootcamp and while I got through it I’m not interested in anything involving coding. I realize this is where the jobs are and it’s frustrating because I’m an outgoing, bubbly, person who enjoys talking to people – not a techy type.

I have years of sales and customer support experience and have worked in call centers. I honestly do not mind customer service but was not crazy about the micromanagement typical of call center work. If you know you know…

I have time to figure it all out, but I’d like to find a job sometime in the first quarter of 2024 or so. Can anyone advise anything that might be a good fit?

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