Current employer beat new job offer, what to do?

So I accepted a new job offer recently for more money. I already completed all the paperwork and was set to start in a couple weeks. I needed a higher salary due to expenses/debt I didn’t have even at the beginning of this year. have received 3 raises in a year at my current job and did not imagine more money would be an option. This morning my boss called me in and said she was prepared to beat the offer.

New Job Offer: $21/hr $130/mo for health/dental 208 hours of PTO awarded at the beginning of each year 4% 401k match tuition reimbursement after 1 year of employment, up to a certain amount Bank holidays/birthday off

Current job: Currently $18.54/hr Insurance and 401k fully funded by employer 9 hr of PTO accrued every pay period (comes out to 216 hrs/year) bank holidays +Black Friday and Christmas Eve Eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness after 10 years 5% received at Christmas last year

Current job new offer: $21.50/hr

Additional Info: I do not currently have student loans/graduated debt free. I have an associates but want to pursue a bachelors/masters. Tuition reimbursement was a major factor in my job search/decision to accept.

Also, I currently work directly next to 2 of my closest friends whom I was friends with before this job. It has caused me some emotional turmoil at times and was a minor factor in exploring other opportunities. Currently we all make the same and they know about my other job offer already. I was asked not to disclose my current employer’s offer to anyone yet, but if I suddenly decide to stay they will know my boss beat the other offer.

I think the work itself I would enjoy more at the new job instead of my current, it’s more in line with my long term goals.

My partner suggested calling the new employer and telling them about this offer to see if they will match, and said a good relationship with a boss/a boss who would do something like this for me is priceless, but I’m at a loss at what to do beyond that.

My boss told me to think about it over the weekend so I have a couple of days to decide but I’m really conflicted. I feel guilty since I’ve already signed the paperwork there. Any advice or words of wisdom?

edit: it’s getting to be too many comments to keep up with but the overwhelming advice is to take the new job and move on and that’s what I’m leaning towards. I may update in a couple weeks. Thank you everyone!

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