Thoughts on going into a trade after college?


I’m about 50% of the way through an English degree and realizing that the plan I had for it (being a teacher) and the alternatives (a 9-5 office job) sound miserable in practice. I am fortunate enough that I’m not going into debt for my degree, and so I don’t want to just give up on it, but I’m also not really interested in the immediate opportunities it might give me for work. Would it be worth it to, after I graduate, look for an apprenticeship if it’s something I feel like I would enjoy, or would it be a waste of time to “start over” because I’d need to go through the whole apprenticeship process? Would I be hindered by the fact that I’m not starting out right out of high school? Would the degree help me at all in the future as, say, an electrician?


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