Will certificate programs land me a real career?

What’s up everyone.. Days ago, I realized that I’ve lost the fight against pursuing a college degree. I’ve been going through hell trying to find myself and my purpose in this wild world that we all share. As a sophomore, I found myself skipping class every day. I would stay in my dorm and get as high as possible then drown in my deep depression with thoughts of ending it all.

I decided to pull myself away from this routine.. On my way back to my hometown, after ditching college, I had some time to think about my future. I think that there’s plenty of opportunities that are being overlooked in certificate programs (i.e. ) yet I think that in the near future, AI will take over those jobs…. Idk maybe I’m thinking too deep but what would you suggest I do? What are your thoughts on certifications? Sometimes things don’t pan out how you anticipate and I’m learning that first hand. Is this applicable to jobs? What are some downfalls to certificate programs? Maybe I’m just thinking old school, I just need some advice


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