$30,000 pay cut worth it for cybersecurity position at aerospace company?

Hi everyone, I’m genuinely looking for advice because I’m honestly stuck between staying at my current company or taking a massive pay cut for a junior/mid level cyber security role for a big name aerospace company.

For context:
I am currently enrolled in college to complete my bachelors in cybersecurity as I took a break after getting my associates degree to get a job that would help me out financially. I understand I am an anomaly because I am making roughly around 100k a year being only 23 with an associates degree. I work less than 40 hours a week doing cloud administration work and have my own little office. It’s a really relaxed job that pays well with great benefits but isn’t fulfilling as the work we do is held back from upper management due to indifferences and budgeting.

With the new job at the aerospace company, they would sponsor me with a Top Secret security clearance and give me a clear path within the cybersecurity field with the only trade offs being significantly less pay and hourly work instead of salary. They also are offering to pay my tuition for the entirety of my college while I work there.

Would I be making a mistake giving up my current job for this type of opportunity?

Also is Top Security clearance worth it?

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