I’m looking into a career in firearm design. Where should I start?

Hi guys,
Currently I’m 17 and about to graduate from highschool. All my life I’ve wanted to professionally design guns for a company like Glock or Colt. I’m not super into the physical designs elements (CNC machining/metal stamping), and I picture myself working with a team using a 3d software to design a new firearm. I’ve done a ton of research and the closest title I can find is Weapons Engineer or Product Management. The problem with those is I’d like to focus on small arms, and with those two titles they seem more oriented towards larger designs. I don’t want to get stuck designing a new anti-aircraft missile or something.
I’m considering just biting the bullet and joining the armed forces to get some hands on experience with firearms. Any advice on military pathways that will let me handle different kinds of guns?
Any information/advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂

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