Is it possible to get over anxiety from potentially getting laid off?

Hello everyone,

Here I am spending my Friday night worrying about my job security. Some background, I recently started a job (4 months in) at a fortune 500 company that is about to experience some layoffs. It’s not if layoffs happen, but when. Everyone else in my department has been at the company for over 20 years so I am by far the newest (cheapest) employee. I just went through the most stressful time of my life to land this job. The job hunt leading up to this job led me down a path of severe anxiety and depression. I have given this job my all and have been perfect so far. I’ve made it a point to always go above expectations, take on extra projects, and suck up to my managers. My manager has not indicated anything to me and continues to talk about my future at the company, but she honestly probably does not know the future.

My question is essentially, what can I do to overcome the fear of being laid off? I know I’m a good worker and have done well at every company I worked at. I just want to be at a stable company for 30 years and retire. But that just does not seem to be a reality these days.

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