Should I get a degree/certification to have a chance in IT/ DB roles as a pharmacy graduate?

I’m finnishing pharmacy school this year and have no intention to practice it. I also got an IT support internship that will end soon and that is very niched (client support on data migration platforms-pharma clients). I recently finnished the Google IT Support certification by Coursera because I felt like it was a good starting point.
I accepted this thinking that any opportunity to enter the IT field is a good start and the market is not very friendly with begginers rn, especially those coming from other industries. Also, pharmacy school was really tiring and didn’t give me the time to learn programming and IT related topics in depth.
My goal would be working as a data analyst and then growing into a DB admin or DB developer role.
I’m trying to be flexible because I really enjoy working in the tech environment and ultimately I want a nice job in IT that is paying me enough to sustain myself and enjoy my days at the office, yet I don’t want to be in a support role for many years from now…
The Question is, should I get another degree that is IT related/ some certification în DB for example and then try to apply for DB roles or is IT better to take the support role and maybe get some AWS/ComptA/CCNA later depending on the opportunities and try to get better at that?
I know it would have been better to get the cs degree in the first place so the ” why did you go/finnish pharmacy school” phrase won’t help. Thank you.

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