Cybersecurity Mgr position, should I take it?


background; I never wanted to be a manager at this point and not sure if I’m cut out or I have the case if imposter syndrome, but I don’t know yet. The risks you don’t take are risks you lose 100% of the time. I’m lining thins up such as career, life and job/career. I applied for this position and likely will move in short distance if the area soon, so it’ll work out. I’m moving anyways, even if I don’t get the job, it’s still same distance from where I currently work.. Advice; now this position is new at a fairly small place. I did some research and the supervising IT has about the same years of experience as I do, so I figured I can do the job, plus I’m currently studying this field (graduate student) this would also be a promotion for me. Do you think I’m going in the right path career wise at this point? I know I still have much to Learn, why not take the leap, bust my ass and learn as I grow ?


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