I’m a SAHM restarting my food business, but I might want to transition to another career. Any suggestions?

So I’m currently a sahm (f26), but just before I had my baby I had my own food business for about a year. My husband has been great supporting us this past 1.5yrs. He’s been encouraging me to get back into business so I can have a sense of identity and/or get a job to have some pocket money. I totally agree.

I’ve been back in business since June 2023 and it’s going fine. I have the pocket money but it’s definitely starting to get serious. I’m personal chef for one client so far and I offer catering for my unique brand (unique for my location).

I’ve been in the food industry since I was 18, starting as a waitress before going to plant based culinary school for a Chef certification. After school I’ve worked maybe 1yr collectively actually active in kitchen (mostly prep work). So as you can imagine, I don’t feel fully prepared for the grind of having a full blown food service like catering, food truck or restaurant. I’ve seen enough to know what it takes and I honestly don’t want to miss out on my child’s life because I’m in a kitchen 24/7 trying to make my original dreams come true.

Now I could just keep operations modest and maybe make 30k/yr… but obviously that buys nothing these days. My new goals in life involve traveling and living it to the fullest, in theory, but that takes funds. So I would like to be making upwards $80k+ so my family can thrive. (Side note my husband (m27) makes $140k+) I just want to feel like I’m really adding financially.

I’d like to do transition to something less labor/time intensive that still utilizes the skills that I have. I’m not sure how I can spin “basically a home cook that makes plates occasionally for others” into something that sounds more professional. I’m not very tech savvy (I get headaches from computers), I’m not creative enough for graphic design, I’m terrible at money management, and have no degree. There’s so much more to this, but any advice would be great!

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