Interview with CEO: advice?

Hi everyone!

I’m completing my Magistrale very soon and looking for my first job as a Robotics Engineer in Europe. A German company I am suuuper interested in has requested a second interview with me, after a first tech test followed by a live tech interview (which, if I may say so, I absolutely aced). I am trying not to get my hopes up because one can never know, but this second interview will be 90 minutes long with 2 department heads, the COO and the CEO as well! Is this a good sign? Any super secret advice on acing this interview?

They let me know that if this second interview goes well then they usually make an offer, and quite rarely they may ask for a third interview. I’m reminding myself that that they are probably interviewing a lot of other candidates as well and to not get too excited.

Thing is, I genuinely love this company from what I have learnt so far and I really think I can bring in some great contributions. I already have some ideas to improve their robots and I think I can really make a difference. But maybe I am just being naive, I am still basically taking my first baby steps in the job world!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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