Unpaid part time internship, worth the risk?

I recently graduated and have been exploring internship opportunities to gain experience in an entry-level sales role. One opportunity that was presented is a 6-month part time unpaid internship with a startup .

However, I have some concerns about whether it will truly help prepare me or potentially do more harm.

Some details:
Only 2 weeks of “shadowing” provided as training before live work.

Expected to pitch to 30+ clients per week with a 10-20% quota for leads/conversions.

Complex client onboarding process that seems beyond an entry level scope to me

Metrics like follow-ups and agreements have almost no room for error as a learner.

No compensation weighs the risk of burning out before gaining tangible skills.

Concern that not meeting lofty quotas could reflect poorly versus learning. Worst of all they expect me to cold approach people by walking into their stores, i can do cold calling over the phone but this seems intense tbh

For those who have started careers in sales, do you think an opportunity like this with minimal training/support is more likely to strengthen/weaken my resume? Or am I right to be wary it may set me up for failure versus truly gaining experience? Looking for any advice or perspectives from those who’ve been there. just confused grad with no experience rn

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