What specific jobs should I go after with a bachelor in physics?

I am 32. I have 2 kids. I barely made it back into college to finish my degree after being stuck working at McDonald’s for 7 years. I have management experience, I worked as an undergrad researcher for about 2 years working in thin film production using magnetron sputtering techniques. I enjoyed every second of it.
I couldn’t afford to pursue a Master’s. Now I am back at McDonald’s and I am straight up struggling to find a job. I naively assumed that a physics degree meant finding a job would be no problem.

I have applied to many engineering, data science, and entry level science positions since February this year. I am at a loss at this point. Getting mega depressed even thinking about job searching now. I’m not sure how to break into any decent position while having a family. I live in an area that has no real job opportunities, so I would have to move. I just don’t have the funds to do even that. I’m afraid I’m just stuck at this point. The only impressive trait that I feel that I have is being a very hard worker and just about everyone loves working with me anywhere I’ve worked. On paper I’m just an average dude. I don’t know what job titles would fit my situation, I feel all the positions I apply for are for people that already have experience. If anyone has some insight into job searching, I would greatly appreciate it.
Anywho, thanks for taking your time to read this.

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