How to handle abusive boss at new workplace?

I’m finally in tech and I am so happy about that. But my new boss is gaslighting and manipulative.
I started 7 months ago and was over the moon for this opportunity. Everything was fine until my boss came home from vacation in august and in approximately 2 weeks everything is crashing down and my anxiety is making me cry all the time so I had to take a week sick leave. I must have pressed some buttons, because I am doing what I’m supposed to be doing. She never follows me up, she out of the blue sends long emails creating a narrative that I don’t recognise. I feel abused and confused.

I’m aware I have to start looking around, but how do I tell recruiters why I’m quitting after only 8-9 months?
I want to stay in this sector but I know I can’t handle being abused every other week.
Or have any of you experienced abusive bosses and handled it with grace whilst also being happy?

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