Offered an interim role with potential to make it full time. Not sure how to proceed?

Sorry, it’s bit of a long one

Background: I (23m) have been working in the healthcare industry for 4 years now. I’m still learning how/what to talk about during interviews, salary negotiations, promotions, etc. I have recently been hired for my first full time role at this new outpatient clinic. Been here for two months and the work isn’t hard or stressful, plus SOME my coworkers are great (i’ll get into that). I’m only in this role temporarily (maybe a year) because I just need some money to eventually start a career change. Now, being here for two months i’ve witnessed some ups and some downs in terms of work environment. Since my first day on the job, there has been somewhat of a hostile environment. I’ve witnessed coworkers bickering amongst each other or others that talk behind each other’s backs. Our team lead is very kind, however, she isn’t the best support system in terms of accommodation for an employee’s needs. I’m very proactive in my role and prefer to stay in my own lane, but there have been moments where a coworker would talk bad about someone to me and I would just listen and keep my mouth shut. Recently, there was a coworker that got in an altercation with a group of other colleagues, and the group eventually reported that coworker. Next day, someone in that group of colleagues got fired (or quit, idk what happened). Because that colleague was the only account rep on our team, there is no one to fill that spot except for me (per management).

Here’s where I need advice. I’ve been here for two months, and still learning the ins and outs of the clinic. I barely know the new manager because he started not even a week ago and now him and our team lead wants me to fill that role that we just lost as an interim with potential to make it full time. This felt kind of odd to me because it feels like it was a desperation move. Our team lead likes me because I do my job very well and said that if there’s an opportunity she’ll vouch for me. I kind of know what the job entails because I’ve shadowed during training. Yes, the job is stressful and there’s minimal support because as witness, i’ve noticed that the person that was previously in that role were handling things that wasn’t her responsibility but management will not accommodate.

When I was offered this opportunity I just told them I will think about it and get back to them on Monday. I don’t even know how to go about this, what to say or ask. The one thing that’s hindering me from accepting is the lack of support and accommodation. I want to ask if that interim role will allow a raise, other than that what should I say or ask?

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