Resend an accepted offer for a 20k pay bump?


I was laid off back in July and have been job searching since. I’m a UI/UX designer.

I got an offer last week at previous company because an old friend stuck their neck out for me. I had a great track record at this company after working there for 4 years. The offer came in at 90k and I’m eligible for promotion in a year possibly putting me at a 100k. I feel very comfortable at this (big) company and I’m confident I’ll have this job in 5 years if I want it. I accepted the role and I start in 11 days.

Well turns out I just got another offer at Company B for 110k with a targeted 10% annual bonus based on performance. This company is a shorter commute (15min vs 45min). However, the UX team is fairly new at this company and I worry about the stability of the team. I also worry I don’t have the UX skills to succeed but the director assured me that he expects a learning curve for mid levels like myself.

Tldr: Do I burn a bridge at my long time employer at Company A for more money? Or do I turn down Company B for stability. I’m scarred from my last layoff and could really use the peace of mind right now.


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