23M should I stay in my current eCommerce executive job or find any other job ??

I am 23M and I have recently completed my b.tech in textile technology this year, I didn’t get placed in my college in any company, I wanted a job in garment industry.

When I didn’t get placed in any company I got a job offer from my senior who has his two year old startup of formal trouser garment brand and his full business is on E-Commerce platform he sells formal trousers and other products on E-Commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon etc. I desperately needed a job so I joined his company it’s been 2 months but I don’t know is there any future in this e-commerce job.

As of now I oversee the daily claims, review reasons and other stuff which is pretty normal thing any normal graduate can do this job, I also have done research about this E-Commerce executive job for any feature career growth possibilities but still I am confused about countinue further in this job or not.

I want to know if there is any future career options or career growth in this field, and if I want to learn more in this field which things should I focus more please give some valuable details and advice about this ??

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