How do I translate what I know about my work needs and personality into a terms that help me find a job?

I suffered from burnout because I did a lot of jobs that I hated. I took some time off to figure myself out. I now know more or less who I am, what I don’t want in a job, and what I want in a job, what I am good and what I am not so good at.

However, a lot of the tools available to me to figure myself out gave me results that I have no idea how to translate into actual job search, and the skills they give you are so vague, and they don’t relate to actual job descriptions. For example, I did the 6 working Geniuses tests, and I turned out to have the Genius of Wonder and Discernment. I have no idea how to translate that information into actual keywords that I can use to find jobs.

What jobs would need a person with these characteristics?

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