How to tell my boss that I’m quitting my (new) job without notice due to mental health reasons?

I’ve been suffering from severe anxiety, stress and constant panic attacks for the past couple of years, for which I’ve seen seeking professional help. I started a new job 2.5 months ago that’s only exacerbated these issues. The role is different from how it was described to me and my manager is rude and demeaning and constantly chews me out for things I wasn’t even taught how to do/trained on.

I’m dealing with some other personal issues as well and it’s all just become very overwhelming for me. I’m suffering from daily panic attacks almost, and a constant sense of dread.

I’m planning on giving in my notice this morning and letting them know that I’ll be quitting by the end of the week. What’s the best way to deliver the message and emphasize that I’m going through some serious personal issues and need to walk away from the role?

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