Know of a industry that offers a healthy work life balance?

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Currently going through bit of a dilemma. 36y/m, bachelors in business management, wife and three kids (8y, 7y, and 5 months).

Two years ago I quit my job working offshore as a drilling/completion fluid engineer due to the time I had to spend away from family. Landed a job in the construction industry with a fairly large commercial general contractor and have been moving through the ranks since. Started in estimating then voluntarily moved to operations when a project kicked off and they were short handed. Currently working as a project engineer, processing submittles, coordinating the subcontractors, procuring material, writing RFI’s, processing change orders, invoicing….etc. I know how to use tech, and learn the things needed to be competent at my job.

The time I’m having to spend at work is getting very inconvenient. I’m missing baseball practices/games, Girl Scout activities, family get togethers, and not to mention putting the full burden of caring for three kids on my wife. I’m straight salary so there is no overtime for the extra hours worked. She also has a full time job as an HOA community manager and makes just as much as I do. Her job has flexible hours, good pay and healthy work life balance. As with everything there are negatives but a flexible schedule seems to compensate for that. The basis of her job is similar to what I do now with coordination of meetings, communicating deadlines, scoping out bids from contractors, reviewing contracts etc…

I’m considering another career change so my work life balance improves. My wife suggested I look into the HOA industry but I’m hesitant to make that move until exploring all options. Looking for job suggestions from those who may have gone through this same issue.


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