Should I take the job with an 1hr commute?

I just graduated with my Associate this month I currently work in a production plant making $20/hr it’s not amazing but I’m doing fine. Recently my current job has been really slow (like the past 4 months) to where they froze hiring this month and might start having layoffs, we went from a 2 2 3 schedule to working 8hrs a day Mon-Fri and have had a few one week partial shutdowns and few more full shutdowns to come.
They had a position available in my field of study paying $30/hr that I applied to within the last 2weeks but since outside hiring is frozen and I haven’t heard anything since I doubt I’ll get the job anytime soon.

Before I graduated I had an interview at school with a small company that just opened a shop near where my school is located (new location but they’ve been around for 40ish years) which is an hour away from where I live, the interview went great they offered an informal interview that same day at their shop, and a job the next day via email without any specifics but to call them. During the interview they said starting pay is $25/hr and benefits with some at their shop making up to $32/hr, they have 8 people working that location.

There are pros and cons to working with both companies the one I’m currently with I’ve never had a complaint other than it being slow and the future being uncertain, the people I work with and supervisor are great, but on the other hand the company that offered me the job would have me doing a variety of things in my field that would allow me to gain experience in things I would otherwise not have the chance to work with. I like that the company is small to where each persons voice would be heard and not just brushed over but the 1 hour commute is where I’m questioning myself if it’s worth it.

Relocation is not possible right now.
Forgot to mention I wouldn’t be driving an economical car, think v8 sports car and I live in Texas.

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