What shall I do now?

I have been working as a content writer for 5 years now, and th company I was working with downsized all of their writers including me.
And during this AI time things changed 180 degre.

First this AI and chatgpt took over my only means of earnings and secondly i lost all of my previous clients, also my fiverr rankings dropped.

Now it’s been more than a month, i have tried doing everything. Applied to so many jobs on upwork but 0 response, tried everything to optimize fiver but 0 briefs /orders (impressions barely 100) and even applied to jobs on fb where clients also ghosted me

I’m amazed despite having so much experience and a good portfolio, that’s what happening with me.

Now i want to ask 2 questions,

First should i switch to something else like social media marketing, ecommerce or some other thing because it feels now like I’m wasting time here in content writing. It’s not worth my time anymore. If yes then what would compliment my experience in writing.
And the second one that, should i apply thru diff channels, find direct clients or just use some diff approach?

Please help

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