What should i do? Being given tasks outside my job

Hi all,

I need help. Basically a coworker I work with from a different team is going on leave. I do reconciling of our monthly statement for my team’s pcard charges. While in a TB with her to get training on something I would need when shes gone she brought up the pcard reconciliation for her team as well and that her boss and her were going to hand it to me while shes gone. Heres the thing. I know im dumb for freezing and not really saying anything but I just stood there while she explained how her team’s reconciling works. But a few weeks back I explained to her that it would be challenging for me to take care of it for them due to our different teams/confusion.

I checked her team’s statements and her pages are 5-6 whole pages of charges monthly while my team’s is 2 at most. Those 2 pages can take me weeks to complete as I have to hunt down receipts from each team member to submit to AP.

Same day, I sat my boss down for a last minute TB and said I cant do it. And I showed him the difference between our charges and how crazy theirs would be for me to work on a top of my own heavy workload. Boss was horrified at their spending/ said hed talk to her boss to see if someone else can take it instead. Today, same coworker sent an email to me and copied her boss detailing what she discussed w me. Crazy thing? During that meeting where she was discussing her teams charges she said shed add my boss to the email but magically forgot to today? Not sure how to loop in my boss and respond to the email.

My parents taught me respect/ being nice even if the other person is stabbing you in the shoulder. Im not used to saying no. And everyone at work knows I am a yes man. HELP Me

Short: coworker is going on leave. Trying to give me her crappy time consuming task. Cced me ok email with her boss w their account details. I didnt say no in initial TB about something else. Boss was not looped into email coworker had sent even though coworker said she would include my boss. HELP

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