Just got fired from a job I absolutely hated. Should I tell my family?


Well I just got fired because I did not record my time correctly on time cards. I would come in 10 to 15 mins late a few days a week, but was not really keeping track. I HATED that place, to be totally honest for a number of reasons, and have been trying to leave for months. This job was really only temporary and I could not see myself remaining there past this year. That’s probably why I was coming in late. Anyway, I am a single, 48, and my only daughter is grown and in college and I just wonder if I should even let others know about the situation. Her dad is taking care of her education along with loans and grants so, I am not terribly concerned about her tuition right now. I have been actively, desperately looking for another job for months and was really planning on leaving anyway, so there is no love lost, but I definitely need a full-time income. The shock of not having an income probably won’t settle in for a few days, but I’ll continue my part-time just to keep me going. Just needed to vent.


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