Keeping paperwork from former employers yay or nay?

Hello! So I just moved and came across old paperwork.

I worked for a company for many years. I was assigned a new manager in 2019, and after about a year things soured. My coworkers advised I keep a notebook. Months down the line I get put on PIP. I pass PIP and soon after get promoted. I take the new title and jump ship.

I’ve been gone from that company for over a year, but I still have the notebooks, PIP, and promotion paperwork. A couple years of notes. Would it be silly of me to throw them away? I’m with a new company now and in a different industry. Worst case scenario, I end up asking old company for a job, as I left on good terms with coworkers and HR, and absolutely worst case I get the same manager. Should I hold onto this paperwork in case my life implodes and I crawl back to my former employer?

Edit to add, in case it is relevant: new company has been great to me. 3 raises in 14 months. Willing to pay for my extended training. It is a small company though and I’m concerned about security.

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