What direction should I go?

Hi Everyone,

I have a pit in my stomach right now, looking for some advice. I’ve worked my way from Inside Sales through a few companies to a Business Development role I just took in May. On paper, it’s fantastic.. $80K salary, brand new truck, cell phone, 4 weeks vacation, work from home…

However, I think I might be feeling some imposter syndrome. I have no post secondary education, I am selling mechanical instrumentation components that I really do not understand fully, which makes it a more difficult sell. I find myself sitting here at my desk and not knowing who to call, having limited success, and really doubting everything I thought to be true. I always thought I’d want to be a career salesperson, I’ve done well at it, but this new job is straining my mind and making me feel inadequate. I also hate the fact that I have no post-secondary, but I had a son at a young age (19) and decided to work. This also burdens me because I need to take care of my boy, so I can’t afford to just take my time.

Im really at a loss and need encouragement. This isn’t what I had envisioned at this stage in my life. Any ideas for me in terms of transferable skills, continuing education, etc?

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