A Manager at a Big 4 agreed to a video meeting with me. What should I do to increase my chances of securing the role?

So I’ve applied to my dream role – its a Sustainable Finance role at a Big 4. I’m currently ‘under review’ on my job application but have currently sent a CV, cover letter, done an assessment and one-way interview (all these are required to submit an application).

This role is extremely competitive, so in an attempt to increase my chances I’ve tried to network on LinkedIn with analysts in the department I’ve applied for. A manager from the department (not related to finance, but still relevant) said they’d be happy to answer some questions I have regarding how their experience has been so far, via a Teams video meeting. Unfortunately I don’t think they have much say in the decision of hiring a graduate (that’s down to the grad recruitment, I believe).

So reddit, my question is what should I say or ask this person to try increase my chances of getting this role?

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