Comparing Offers & Commute?

Alright.. time to move on from my current place and I’ve done the interview dance and gotten 4 offers. I’ve already eliminated 2 for various reasons but I’m having a hard time picking between the last two.

Note: Health benefits aren’t a factor in the decision, so I’ve left them off

Offer 1 – $130,000

Benefits/Perks: 7% 401k contribution, 2 weeks PTO, 6 sick days, company vehicle, gas card, phone, undefined annual bonus

Commute: 24 miles / 40 minutes round trip

Advancement: None

Offer 2 – $X?

Benefits/Perks: 5% 401k contribution, 4 weeks PTO, 6 sick days, company vehicle or monthly allowance ($750), phone, no bonuses

Commute: 86 miles / 2-2.5 hours round trip

Advancement: Possible

The biggest factor is the commute difference. #1 there would be no upward mobility, and it’s a small family owned company, really good vibes from the owners, and most other employees have been there 10+ years. #2 is a little larger and there would be at least one promotional opportunity, however they’ve had a rough couple of years during COVID and are trying to diversify their work… which is why the salary is “$X?” as I have unique experience they want to open a new market for the company, and during final rounds they told me to name my number. I owe that number to them today.

If you could write your own offer letter, how much would you ask for to make up for the commute? Or is it even worth it? I’m stuck, that commute is a huge time killer.

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