I have 2 job offers, which job would you accept?

I am working at a Ngo as a educator with a salary of 10k a year, (i live in North Macedonia where the average salary is 5k a year) my contract is for 3 years + 3 possible years (the chances are 50% for the 3 additional years) , with 25 vacation days and a lot of travelling (which for myself i consider it a minus, also i have 50 minutes daily commute)

The second job is at a elementary school with a salary of 6k a year, with a contract for 1 year (90 % of the teachers remain at the school their whole life, this is the biggest plus for me as it could provide a safe job, and also i will work as a history teacher (my degree), 25 vacation days and the school is 2 minutes away from where i live)
Basically the options are bigger salary or safer job with almost half the salary less
What would you choose?

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