Is it worth leaving my current job for a potential new opportunity?

TLDR: I’m receiving a potential offer at a new company that pays \~30% more but the culture is very corporate vs. currently, I make $110k but I enjoy working with the people here and the culture’s great

I (28M) currently work as a Finance Manager at an ad agency, making $110k, no bonus. I have a potential offer coming my way that would pay at most $140k with a bonus. While the salary bump is great and the team members seem nice, I am a bit hesitant to take on the role should I receive an official offer:

* the company culture is very corporate and the team members seemed very distant from each other whereas in my company, everyone can be themselves and people are actually close to each other. for example, I’m very close to my boss (went to his place to have a few beers and chill)
* the role isn’t exactly what I want to be doing long-term nor have I really been told what I’d be doing lol but it would be a great company to have on my resume
* the team structure is very confusing; based on what I learned, it sounds like the team rotates frequently into “pods” of 3-5 members

however, I am entertaining other opportunities because my company went through a reorg recently and morale has gone down due to poor management from senior leadership. my role has changed significantly and my boss was transferred to another team (the other alternative was that he be let go). additionally, the potential role does pay a lot more and has better health insurance premiums (I currently pay $200/month).

the people I work with make my job enjoyable and I do foresee a promotion next Spring to a Senior Manager/Associate Director. although not guaranteed, of course.

any advice on how to approach a decision? thank you guys in advance!

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