What to do in this situation?

I’m asking this here cause another subreddit I asked, got no comments.

But currently I have an under the table job as an home aide. I’ve had this kind of job for 8 years. My dad & aunt said I should apply for this bus monitor job & I might like it, but the thing is, I have no desire or motivation to work , like at all. So I know for a fact I’m not gona like this job. So I applied for it anyway && they emailed me to come to a information session. I’m pretty sure my dad would ask for an update at any moment & I don’t wana lie & again I really don’t want this bus monitor job. Side note this under the table job I have it pays more than this bus monitor.

On top of that, I just got my laptop fixed so I can use free code camp or the Odin project & then move on to web development of software engineering.

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