28 London @ 30k, do I need to start over?

28, London, 30k, Master’s Degree, Help

Hello everyone,

As in the title, I am a 28yo professional working in London @30k.

Money is tight and I need to start earning more but am having no luck finding better paying positions in the city that fit my desired work catagory.

I have a master’s degree in Information systems(C.S), and 2 years of experience as a Digital Coordinator(Web Content editor/Graphic design/copywriting/guidebook writing/Project management(website))

I like my job and particularly the design side of things but cannot afford to keep working at my current rate as the tenuous financial situation is affecting my mental health,
But I am also finding it very difficult to find work in a higher salary bracket that tracks with what I have been doing up to this point ie, graphic/web/media design.

I am currently nestled within the film industry but am at a loss as I have no advancement opportunities within my current company.

Just need some advice on potential pathways that can allow me to earn more.

Happy to answer questions if that helps 👍

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