I feel trapped in the country I’m in, any advice?

(Sorry if there’s something wrong in the post, normally I’m just a reader in reddit)
So I’m 24yo, came to Italy to attend a university degree. This in a desperate act to get better education and leaving my country at the same time. I choose to study here thinking about the cost of studying and the cost of living, in case I need my parents financial help (from my home country).
As I was here I managed to get part time jobs to help with my expenses, but I was not able to find a internship or anything related to my area of study (which is Business Administration). Now I know more about the work employment situation in the country, I started panicking thinking about how I will manage to start my career since I couldn’t even get a unpaid internship, that I’ve been looking for since I arrived (1 year ago).
So I’m posting here asking for any advice for my situation, is there anything else that I can try? Or just keep applying for jobs online and outside the country?

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