In a job where I don’t know where to go next, what should my next step be?

Currently I work as a Laboratory information systems manager in a hospital based in the UK. I have a background degree in biomedical science and was initially a BMS before this job came up and I decided to change my career path. My job mainly consists of implementing new analysers that come into the labs with our electronic patients system as well as maintaining other various system in the labs. I also do a bit of SQL to create new reports that pull out data based on patient resutls collected by the analysers.

Most of this was self taught and stumbling through the first few months of the job. Now that I’m comfortable with the role I have no idea what I should aim for next in my career. As the job it quite niche, I’m not sure what path I should take going forward from here.

I have no formal training in a strictly “IT” based subject such as Data science. A new degree would not be possible as I have the job. I have considered a part time masters in Data science but am not sure if the subjects might be to intense at a masters level.

Does anyone know what path I should go down from where I am now?

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